What is the chemically combined substance of a hydrogen atom and a helium atom. please help me because i really don't know this is confusing really please and thankyou

Hydrogen atoms don't normally combine with helium atoms. In fact, helium atoms don't combine with much of anything. In atomic nuclear reactions the goal has been to fuse hydrogen atoms (actually deuterium atoms) to form helium atoms but I don't classify that as a chemical compound. Since you are confused about this, perhaps you could rephrase your question and we can work toward helping you.

Sorry mr bob but that is what my teacher had up there

I agree with DrBob, there is no chemical substance which combines H and He.

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9 months ago

I'm sorry for the confusion. Based on your teacher's explanation, it seems that they may be referring to nuclear reactions rather than chemical compounds.

In nuclear fusion reactions, hydrogen atoms (specifically deuterium atoms, which are isotopes of hydrogen) can combine to form helium atoms. This process occurs at extremely high temperatures and pressures, such as those found in the core of the Sun.

However, it's important to note that this fusion process involves the conversion of mass to energy and is different from the chemical reactions we typically associate with compounds. In a chemical reaction, atoms combine through the sharing or transfer of electrons to form compounds.

So, while hydrogen and helium can undergo nuclear fusion to form helium atoms, this process is not a chemical combination but rather a nuclear reaction.