Which group would be more likely to approve of a pre-emptive strike to rid the world of a terrorist friendly country (government))? liberalists or conservatists? I think it's conservatists

it is

You're right.

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9 months ago

When it comes to the question of whether a pre-emptive strike to rid the world of a terrorist-friendly country would be more likely to be approved by liberalists or conservatists, it is important to note that political ideologies can vary between individuals within each group. However, as a general observation, conservatists may lean towards a more proactive approach when it comes to dealing with potential threats to national security.

To arrive at an answer, one can consider the principles and values typically associated with conservative ideology. Conservatists often prioritize a strong military, assertive national defense policies, and vigilant protection of national interests. They may perceive a pre-emptive strike as a necessary action to eliminate a potential threat and safeguard their country and its allies from possible terrorist attacks.

On the other hand, liberalists generally emphasize multilateralism, diplomacy, and peaceful resolutions to conflicts. They tend to prioritize international cooperation and the rule of law in dealing with global issues. Therefore, liberalists may be less inclined to support a pre-emptive strike, as they may seek alternative solutions through negotiation, international alliances, and diplomatic channels.

It is worth noting, however, that individual beliefs and opinions may vary within each ideological group, and not all conservatists or liberalists may adhere strictly to these general tendencies. It is important to approach questions like these with an understanding that political ideologies are complex and multifaceted, and people's opinions can differ based on a variety of factors.