Is the Wozzeck by Berg a romantic opera? I thought it wasn't but someone told me that it is.

It isn't

Go to and type in wozzeck. There are many sites there that discuss this opera, its' contents and the meaning. Good reading.

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9 months ago

To determine whether Wozzeck by Berg is a romantic opera or not, you can refer to various sources that discuss the opera's content, style, and themes. One of the best sources to start with is, where you can search for "Wozzeck" and find multiple websites that provide information and analysis on this opera.

Keep in mind that defining an opera as "romantic" depends on specific criteria and interpretations. While Wozzeck is not considered a romantic opera in the traditional sense, it does have elements that some may associate with romanticism.

To better understand the opera, you can also consult sources like music encyclopedias, scholarly articles, or even the opera's libretto, which is often available online or in published scores. Additionally, websites like Wikipedia usually provide a comprehensive overview, historical context, and critical discussions related to the opera, which can provide further insight into its classification and characteristics.

Remember, Wozzeck is known for its innovative musical language, psychological depth, and dark subject matter, which differentiate it from traditional romantic operas.