what is two example of promotional advertising?

There are two broad definitions of promotional advertising:
1. draw customers into a store by featuring items and low prices.
2. giving away items, like bags and pens, with the company's name on them.

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9 months ago

To find examples of promotional advertising, you can try the following steps:

1. Research current promotional campaigns: Look for information on various companies or brands that are currently running promotional advertising campaigns. You can start by browsing through their websites, social media pages, or even checking out their physical stores.

2. Visit stores or websites: Go to a physical store or visit the website of a company or brand that you are interested in. Look for the promotions or offers they are currently running. For example, you might come across a promotion where a clothing store offers a limited-time discount on selected items.

3. Check promotional materials: Pay attention to promotional materials like flyers, posters, or brochures that you come across in stores or receive through mail. These materials often highlight current promotions or offers.

4. Look for giveaways: Another example of promotional advertising is giving away free items with the company's name or logo. Keep an eye out for giveaways such as branded bags, pens, or other promotional merchandise.

5. Online advertising: Explore online platforms like social media, search engines, or websites that often display advertisements. Pay attention to sponsored posts, banner ads, or pop-up ads promoting sales, discounts, or other types of promotions.

Remember, promotional advertising can vary greatly depending on the company or brand, so it's important to keep an open eye and explore a variety of sources to find examples that suit your specific interests.