Amazon. com and Toys "R" Us decided to work together to sell toys over the Internet. What decisions would executives from each company have to consider in order to complete this alliance?

umm.. prices?? how the money is split up??
what else?


Executives from both and Toys "R" Us would have to consider several important decisions to successfully complete this alliance. Here are some key factors they would need to take into account:

1. Strategic Alignment: Executives would need to assess whether their companies' overall goals and strategies align effectively. They should identify shared values, target customers, and long-term objectives to ensure that the alliance is beneficial for both parties.

2. Product Selection and Inventory: Executives would need to determine which toys from the Toys "R" Us inventory would be made available on They would also need to consider factors such as the availability of stock, warehousing, and shipping processes for the selected toys.

3. Pricing and Revenue Sharing: Determining the pricing structure and revenue sharing model are crucial elements. Executives would need to negotiate and decide how the prices of the toys will be set. They would also need to agree on the percentage of revenue that each company would receive from the sales. This decision would likely involve analyzing market demand, comparable prices, and profit margins.

4. Marketing and Promotions: Executives would need to develop joint marketing and promotional strategies to create awareness and generate sales. They would need to decide on tactics such as advertising campaigns, co-branded initiatives, and discounts to attract customers to the alliance's online toy store.

5. Logistics and Fulfillment: Both companies would need to evaluate and establish a seamless process for order fulfillment. This would include determining if Toys "R" Us warehouses would ship directly to customers or if Amazon's fulfillment centers would handle the distribution. They would also need to consider aspects like inventory management, order tracking, and customer service.

6. Technology Integration: Executives would need to address the technical aspects of the alliance, ensuring that both companies' systems can integrate smoothly. This includes combining e-commerce platforms, sharing data, and coordinating digital operations to offer a seamless customer experience.

7. Legal and Contractual Agreements: Executives from both companies would need to negotiate and finalize legal agreements outlining the terms and conditions of the alliance. This would cover areas such as intellectual property rights, exclusivity periods, termination clauses, and dispute resolution mechanisms.

8. Governance and Decision-making: Lastly, executives would need to establish a governance structure for the alliance. They would define decision-making processes and identify key roles and responsibilities for both companies. This would help in effective collaboration, problem-solving, and decision-making throughout the partnership.

By considering these factors, executives from and Toys "R" Us can ensure a successful alliance and maximize the potential benefits of selling toys together over the Internet.