Mariela loves car races,so she buys a model of the winning car from a race she watched. On the box she sees that the length of yhe model is about 8.5 inches. She knows that the actual car is about 208 in. long and 72.5 in. wide. About how wide should the model be?

Length/Width = 208/72.5 = 8.5/x

Solve for x

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9 months ago

To find out how wide the model should be, we can set up a proportion using the lengths of the actual car and the model:

Length of model / Width of model = Length of actual car / Width of actual car

So, we have:

8.5 / x = 208 / 72.5

To solve for x, we can cross multiply:

8.5 * 72.5 = 208 * x

615.25 = 208 * x

Now, divide both sides by 208 to solve for x:

x = 615.25 / 208

x ≈ 2.96

So, the width of the model should be approximately 2.96 inches.