for my class i have to write a pair of directions for a animal made from a tangram but i kno how to put it together but don't kno how to explain the directions


Sure, I can help you with that! Writing clear and concise directions can be a bit challenging, but here's a step-by-step guide to help you explain how to assemble an animal using tangram pieces:

1. Start by providing an overview of the animal you'll be creating. For example, if you're making a tangram bird, mention that in your directions.

2. Begin with the first step, which is to locate the specific tangram pieces needed for the animal. Describe these pieces using their names (e.g., large triangle, square, small triangle, etc.).

3. Provide clear instructions on how to place the first piece. For example, "Take the large triangle and place it with the short side facing down. Position it at the bottom center of your workspace."

4. Move on to the second piece and explain where it should be positioned relative to the first piece. Use directional terms such as left, right, above, or below to guide the reader. For example, "Place the square to the right of the large triangle, making sure its bottom edge aligns with the bottom edge of the triangle."

5. Continue this step-by-step approach, gradually adding more pieces to the arrangement. Clearly describe how each piece should be positioned and how it relates to the previous pieces.

6. If any adjustments need to be made as additional pieces are added, be sure to include those instructions. For example, "Move the small triangle that was previously placed slightly upwards to create a beak shape."

7. Finally, when all the tangram pieces have been positioned correctly, write a summary step to confirm the completion of the animal. For instance, "Congratulations! You have successfully assembled the tangram bird."

Remember, it's important to be detailed and precise in your directions, especially when it comes to the relative positions of the tangram pieces. You might also consider using visual aids like diagrams or pictures to supplement your written directions if allowed.

Good luck with your project!