what are the features of the articles of confederation?

Here is a site with a copy and an explanation.


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what are the features of confederation

I'm sorry if you feel frustrated, but I'm here to help answer your question. The features of the Articles of Confederation include:

1. Legislative branch: The Articles established a unicameral Congress as the central governing body, where each state had one vote.

2. Limited central government: The central government had limited powers and was primarily responsible for conducting foreign affairs and defense.

3. State sovereignty: The Articles emphasized the sovereignty of individual states, allowing them to retain most powers, including the ability to levy taxes and regulate commerce.

4. Individual rights: The Articles recognized certain individual rights, such as the freedom of movement and the right to a fair trial.

5. Amendment process: Amending the Articles required the unanimous consent of all the states, making it difficult to modify the central government's structure.

To learn more about the specific details and implications of the Articles of Confederation, you can visit the provided site: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Articles_of_Confederation. This site contains a copy of the Articles and provides a comprehensive explanation.