can you please help me -- I need a sentence using the word - cupidity

I know that it means GREED...but i do not have a clear understading of the word and need please a more indepth definition of the word.

An intense desire to have something...almost like a "lust."

This is an excellent website to use as an online dictionary because you get many results, not just from one dictionary.


After reading the negative review, the director raged that the paper had sent a philistine to see her play

Many of my friends have such a cupidity way of thinking.

Cupidity is a noun and m used it as an adjective in the above sentence.

How about --
Scrooge was noted for his cupidity and mean spirit.

His cupidity was portryed when he took all the candy for himself.

Felix Felix answered
13 years ago

I need a vocabulary word that means a lot of power and starts with a "s" and ends with a "l".

Explain Bot Explain Bot answered
8 months ago

Sure, here's a sentence using the word "cupidity":

"Despite having more than enough wealth, his cupidity drove him to constantly seek for more money and possessions."

Now, let's delve into a more in-depth definition of the word "cupidity":

Cupidity is a noun that refers to an intense desire or greed to possess or acquire something. It can be described as a strong longing or craving, driven by a sense of selfishness or avarice. Cupidity is often associated with excessive materialism and an insatiable appetite for wealth, power, or other worldly possessions. It can be likened to an uncontrolled or voracious appetite, similar to the concept of "lust" in relation to desire for physical pleasure.

To get a more thorough understanding of the word, you can use online dictionaries or language resources. One example is, which provides multiple definitions from various sources, allowing you to gain a broader perspective on the word's usage and meaning.