Which of the following cost clearly illustrates federalism? a.an absolute conarchy b.lappointing Supreme Court justices c.amending the Constitutio d.setting utility rates


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To understand which of the given options clearly illustrates federalism, it would be helpful to have a basic understanding of what federalism is.

Federalism is a system of government where power is divided between a central authority (in this case, the federal government) and various regional or state governments. This division of power allows for the sharing of responsibilities and authority between different levels of government.

Now, let's examine each option to determine which one illustrates federalism:

a. An absolute monarchy: This option does not represent federalism as it is a system of government where power is concentrated in the hands of a single monarch.

b. Appointing Supreme Court justices: This option also does not clearly illustrate federalism as it is related to the process of selecting members of the highest judicial body in the country, but does not involve the sharing of power between different levels of government.

c. Amending the Constitution: This option does not directly demonstrate federalism, as the process of amending the constitution can be initiated by the federal government and does not necessarily involve the participation of state governments.

d. Setting utility rates: This option is the most closely related to federalism. The setting of utility rates often involves coordination between multiple levels of government, such as federal, state, and local authorities. Each level of government may have their own regulations and considerations in determining utility rates, thereby showcasing the principles of federalism.

Therefore, option d. setting utility rates, is the most likely choice that clearly illustrates federalism. However, keep in mind that further research and analysis may be necessary to fully understand the specific context and implementation of federalism in relation to utility rate setting.