Please help me with this?

What are some properties of a candle?

height, smell, color, ....

How can I identify those when I don't know what the actual candle looks like? The question just asks for the properties of a candle. It doesn't describe it.

When you are unsure about the specific appearance of a candle, you can still determine its properties by considering its general characteristics. Here's how you can identify the properties of a candle even without knowing its physical appearance:

1. Research: Start by conducting research on candles. Look up basic information about candles, such as their common features, components, and characteristics. This can provide you with a general idea of what properties to expect.

2. Common properties: There are some properties of candles that are likely to be applicable to most examples. Consider the following common properties:
- Height: Candles can vary in height, ranging from small tea lights to tall and tapered candles.
- Smell: Many candles are scented, emitting a pleasant fragrance when lit. However, unscented candles are also available.
- Color: Candles come in various colors, reflecting personal preferences and different decorative purposes.
- Shape: Candles can have different shapes, such as cylindrical, tapered, or novelty shapes like animals or objects.
- Wax composition: Most candles are made of wax, typically derived from sources like beeswax, soy wax, or paraffin wax. Each wax type has unique qualities.

3. Context clues: Consider the purpose or context in which the candle is being discussed. If the question is related to a specific occasion, like a birthday cake, it might suggest a shorter, decorative candle with potentially bright colors. If you are discussing relaxation or aromatherapy, scented candles might be expected.

4. Make an inference: Based on the information gathered from your research and the context provided, make an educated guess about the properties of the candle. Remember to state that your answer is an inference based on general knowledge and assumptions.

By following these steps, you can provide a reasonable response outlining the properties of a candle, even if you are uncertain about its exact appearance.