i need to know what mary chesnut thought of patriarchy and other opinions of hers. i've looked everywhere and cant find anything, i already know her opinion of slavery tho


Looks as if there are several good sources of info here -- especially the ones that have her diary. Her thoughts would certainly be in there, right?


To find out Mary Chesnut's thoughts on patriarchy and other opinions of hers, you can follow these steps:

1. Start by searching for "Mary Chesnut" on a search engine like Google.
2. Review the search results and look for sources that mention her diary or writings. These are likely to provide insights into her thoughts and opinions.
3. Click on links that lead to reputable sources such as historical archives, scholarly articles, or biographical websites.
4. Look for resources that specifically discuss Mary Chesnut's views on patriarchy or explore her broader opinions on societal issues.
5. If available, search for excerpts or quotes from her diary or correspondence that mention these topics. These can provide direct insight into her thoughts.
6. Take notes or bookmark relevant sources for further reading or reference.

Remember, research may require some time and effort, and not all information may be readily available online. Offline sources like books, articles, or academic journals may provide in-depth analysis of Mary Chesnut's thoughts on patriarchy and other topics.