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115 cis 45*
3 solutions = 120* apart

Are these correct?
115 cis 45*
115 cis 45 + 120 = 165* or is it (-75*)
115 cis (45 + 120 + 120) = 285*?? or (-195*)??

It's really Matthew!I found out what it is but I will help you when you help me plz!!!

Exactly right.

Use the positive angles. You wont make a mistake that way.

Hi Matthew! I'm glad you found the correct answers. The positive angles approach is indeed a good way to avoid mistakes. Let me explain how you can use positive angles to solve this problem.

When using the cis form, which represents complex numbers in the form r cis θ, where r is the magnitude (or modulus) and θ is the argument (or angle), it's important to note that the angles are typically measured counterclockwise from the positive x-axis.

So, for the given problem:
1. Start with 115 cis 45°. This represents a complex number with a magnitude of 115 and an angle of 45 degrees.

2. To find the next solution, add 120 degrees to the previous angle: 45° + 120° = 165°. This results in 115 cis 165°, which is one solution.

3. To find the final solution, add another 120 degrees to the previous angle: 165° + 120° = 285°. This gives you 115 cis 285°, which is the last solution.

Using positive angles, you avoid negative angles such as -75° or -195°. This ensures consistency in your approach and eliminates potential errors.

I hope that helps! Let me know if there's anything else I can explain or help you with.