Nowadays, what do we blame for peculiarities in the behavior of people?

one parent homes
lack of a religious upbringing
Lack of proper upbringing
poor teachers
No spanking at school
No prayer at school
His father
His mother
lack of morals
Lack of early training
Air pollution
Rock Music
Rap Music
She went to Yale (or Berkeley).
I think I have heard them all. Is this what you were looking for?

WOW!!!! that is alot but you know what bobpursley I asked my parents and man they gave me so mnay the list can forever! thanks once again!

In contemporary society, there are various factors that people often attribute to peculiarities in human behavior. It's important to note that these explanations can vary significantly based on individual perspectives and beliefs. Some common factors that people may blame include:

1. Genetics: Some argue that certain traits or behaviors are influenced by genetic factors passed down through families.
2. One-parent homes: The absence of one parent may be seen as a contributing factor to certain behavior patterns.
3. Lack of religious upbringing: Some believe that a lack of religious values or principles can lead to peculiar behavior.
4. Lack of proper upbringing: Insufficient guidance or nurturing during childhood could be thought to play a role in shaping behavior.
5. Poor teachers: The quality of education provided by teachers may be seen as influencing behavior patterns.
6. No spanking at school: The absence of physical discipline in schools may be considered a cause of peculiar behavior, according to some perspectives.
7. No prayer at school: The absence of prayer or religious observance within educational settings may be blamed for certain behaviors.
8. s: Homosexuality has historically been scapegoated for various social issues, although it's important to recognize that this perspective is discriminatory and not supported by evidence.
9. Satan and witches: In some beliefs, religious or cultural views attribute peculiar behavior to supernatural causes such as Satan or witches.
10. Parents' influence: The behavior of individuals may be attributed to the influence or upbringing by one or both parents.
11. Welfare: Some argue that dependence on welfare programs can lead to certain behavior patterns.
12. Insanity: Mental health issues, such as various forms of psychosis or personality disorders, are sometimes seen as explanations for peculiar behavior.
13. Lack of morals: A perceived lack of ethical or moral values is occasionally seen as a factor influencing behavior.
14. Lack of early training: Insufficient early childhood education or training can be blamed for peculiar behavior in some cases.
15. Air pollution: Environmental factors, such as air pollution, are sometimes linked to certain behavioral conditions.
16. Drugs: Substance abuse or addiction is often blamed for influencing behavior patterns.
17. TV, Rock, and Rap Music: Popular culture, including certain genres of music and television programming, is sometimes seen as having an impact on behavior.
18. Hormones and PMS: Hormonal imbalances or the menstrual cycle are sometimes suggested as explanations for peculiar behavior in women.
19. Education: The educational institutions one attends, such as prestigious universities, are sometimes held responsible for behavioral issues.

It's important to note that while these factors may be discussed in some contexts, attributing behavior solely to one factor is often an oversimplification. Human behavior is complex, influenced by a combination of genetic, environmental, societal, and personal factors.