What's the slop of the line whose equation is 8y = 7 - 2y?

the slope would be zero. if you add '2y' to the other side, then your equation will be 10y=7. If you divide 10 on both sides, the new equation will be y=7/10. That will be a straight line, so the slope will be zero.

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9 months ago

To find the slope of the line with the equation 8y = 7 - 2y, you can rearrange the equation into the standard form y = mx + b, where m represents the slope.

Start by combining the y terms on one side of the equation:
8y + 2y = 7

Combine like terms:
10y = 7

To isolate y, divide both sides of the equation by 10:
y = 7/10

Now that the equation is in the form y = mx + b, you can see that the coefficient of x (m) is zero. In this case, the slope is zero.

Therefore, the slope of the line whose equation is 8y = 7 - 2y is 0.