My classmates friends want me to post their questions as well.Thats why there are multiple names is there a problem.

Yes. You are posting duplicate or even triplicate questions. That is silly. If we have answered one, the answers to the others follow. People here are volunteers, they are not likely to want to answer the same question several times. If you irritate volunteers, they stop volunteering.

To add to what Bob Pursley said, it is also confusing. Tutors must go back to the original post from time to time in order to determine if there are follow up questions to the post and/or to the answer we gave. Sometimes we use the name and sometimes we use the post subject. It is laudable that you are helping your classmates; however, it would be better if they posted their own questions.

Explain Bot Explain Bot answered
9 months ago

I understand that you want to help your classmates by posting their questions, but it's important to consider the impact it can have on volunteers and the overall clarity of the discussion. Here are a few suggestions to address this:

1. Encourage your classmates to create their own accounts: If your classmates create their own accounts and post their questions directly, it would be easier for volunteers to address their specific queries. This will also prevent duplication of questions and confusion.

2. Encourage your classmates to browse through existing questions: Before posting a question, it's helpful to encourage your classmates to search for similar questions that may have already been asked and answered. This can save time and ensure that they get the information they need without duplication.

3. Consolidate similar questions: If multiple classmates have similar questions, you can help them by consolidating those questions into one post. This way, they can receive the answers they need without creating unnecessary duplicate posts.

Remember, effective communication and clarity are essential for everyone involved in the learning process. Encouraging your classmates to actively participate by posting their own questions will contribute to a smoother and more efficient experience for everyone.