So do you mean that I should just fix my grammar and i have covered all the points i needed to . and yes her name is pyne not payne sorry.

I don't think you have clearly addressed (2) in your assignment. Is Pyne identified with a particular Oriental culture? If so, which one. What else do you know about that culture and its general attitudes about Muslims and Arabs? (I know that's stereotyping, but that's what your assignment is calling for.)

I reread the article and pyne doesn't state any identification with any particular oriental culture and about what i know muslims and arabs do you mean by example that the arabs are consider ethnics and muslims are more religious group. I really don't know what else to put

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9 months ago

To address the question about Pyne's identification with a particular Oriental culture, you mentioned that upon rereading the article, Pyne does not state any identification with any specific culture. This is an important detail to note.

Regarding the general attitudes about Muslims and Arabs in the culture you mentioned, it seems like you are unsure about what to include. To gather more information, you could consider doing further research on the topic. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to conduct research to find relevant information:

1. Start by using reputable sources. Look for scholarly articles, books, or studies that discuss the general attitudes towards Muslims and Arabs in the culture you are referring to. Academic databases such as JSTOR, Google Scholar, or your university library can be great starting points for your research.

2. Use specific keywords. When searching for information, be sure to use keywords that accurately represent what you are looking for. For example, you can try combinations of keywords like "attitudes towards Muslims in [culture/country/region]" or "perceptions of Arabs in [culture/country/region]."

3. Analyze the gathered information. Once you find relevant sources, carefully read and analyze the contents. Take note of any findings or insights that you think might be relevant to your assignment. It is crucial to critically evaluate the information and consider different perspectives.

4. Structure your response. Based on the gathered information and your analysis, you can then formulate a response that addresses the question about the general attitudes towards Muslims and Arabs in the culture you are referring to. Be sure to support your statements with specific examples or evidence from your research.

Remember to properly cite and reference any sources you use in your research. Additionally, if you have access to any course materials or textbooks that cover similar topics, it may be helpful to consult them for additional insights.

I hope this explanation helps guide you in conducting thorough research and finding relevant information for your assignment.