I need some fundraising ideas for this trip I am going on. I need to raise from about $200-$5000. Got any ideas?

Yeah, I have some ideas for you. One of my ideas is that you could wash cars, inside of course though. You could also put containers in some stores or something and let people put money in it. It isn't much but it's something.

If you have the school's permission, you could sell donuts to the students once a week. Kids will buy any food! :-)

You could clean houses and do yard work.

Of course, baby sitting is also a good way of making money. Perhaps a group of you could do child care on Saturdays so that the parents had a break or could go shopping. Maybe a mall would even let you have a room for this child care. I strongly recommend you have a responsible adult supervising any group child care that you do.

since its fall youcould go around your neighbor and offer to rake lawns and ask for a small price. like $5 per lawn. it might work. since it was my idea, i expect 10% of the profits...lol..just joking. bye

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9 months ago

Those are some great fundraising ideas! Here are some steps you can take to implement these ideas and raise funds for your trip:

1. To organize a car wash, gather a team of volunteers and select a suitable location with access to water. Create attractive signs and banners to advertise the event. Set a fixed price for each car wash and offer additional services like interior cleaning or waxing for an extra fee. Reach out to friends, family, and neighbors to spread the word and encourage their support.

2. When approaching stores to place donation containers, it's important to seek permission from the store manager or owner. Explain the purpose of your fundraising and how it will benefit your trip. Make sure to clearly label the containers and include a brief description of your cause to encourage people to donate.

3. Selling donuts at your school can be a fun and tasty way to raise funds. Before starting, check with your school administration to ensure compliance with any rules or guidelines regarding food sales. You can either bake the donuts yourself or collaborate with a local bakery to supply the treats. Set up a booth during break times or lunch hours to attract potential customers. Make sure to advertise in advance to generate interest and maximize sales.

4. To provide cleaning and yard work services, create flyers or posters advertising your services and distribute them to your community. Offer reasonable prices and emphasize the benefits of supporting your trip. Consider targeting busy families, elderly individuals, or those who may appreciate some extra help with household chores. Always maintain professionalism and reliability to build a good reputation.

5. Babysitting is a popular and reliable way to raise funds. Create a team of responsible individuals who are enthusiastic about childcare. Advertise your services on community notice boards, local websites, or through word-of-mouth. Ensure each member is trained in basic childcare and first aid. Have a designated adult supervisor overseeing the group and make sure to follow any legal requirements or guidelines for operating a childcare service.

6. Raking lawns in the fall is a great seasonal fundraising idea. Advertise your services by distributing flyers in your neighborhood or posting on community forums. Offer a reasonable price per lawn and consider offering add-on services like bagging leaves or disposing of them. Be sure to prioritize safety by wearing appropriate clothing and using proper tools.

Remember, it's essential to plan ahead, set goals, and work as a team to make your fundraising efforts successful. Good luck with your trip and enjoy the fundraising process!