What is the critical temperature at which hydrogen can fuse into helium in the star’s core?

A.5,800 K
B.26.000 K
C.One million K
D.Ten million K
E.100 million K

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To find the critical temperature at which hydrogen can fuse into helium in a star's core, we can consult the links provided.

Stellar evolution is the process through which stars change over time. During this process, a star goes through different stages, from its formation to its eventual death. Understanding stellar evolution is crucial to determining the critical temperature for hydrogen fusion.

The links provided give information on stellar evolution, the main sequence, and the fusion of elements in a star's core. By reviewing these sources, we can gather the necessary information.

Wikipedia's page on stellar evolution provides a comprehensive overview of how stars evolve and lists the various stages they go through. This resource will help us understand the conditions required for hydrogen fusion.

The page on the main sequence on Wikipedia will further explain the significance of this phase in a star's life. It will also provide information on the temperature range in which stars on the main sequence exist.

Lastly, the page from spiff.rit.edu contains lecture notes on star age, which will give us additional insights into the temperature conditions for stellar fusion.

By reviewing the information found in these sources, we can determine the critical temperature for hydrogen fusion in a star's core.