I Neeed Help on Analigies

Analogy~~~> A frog is like a bunny, they both hop.

Ken's answer is totally wrong. This is an analogy ---> Light it to lamp as music is to ipod

To understand analogies better, it can be helpful to break them down into their components. In this example, the analogy is comparing two different pairs of items: a frog and a bunny, and light and lamp.

In the first pair, the frog and the bunny, the similarity being highlighted is that they both hop. So, to complete the analogy, we need to find a similarity between the second pair, light and lamp.

To discover the similarity, let's consider their relationship. Light is an energy source that illuminates an area, whereas a lamp is an object that contains a light source, usually used to illuminate a space. The similarity between them is that a lamp contains light, just as an iPod contains music.

So, the correct analogy would be: "Light is to lamp as music is to iPod." Both analogies highlight that the first item is contained within or associated with the second item.