This is what i did thus far

I wrote the eqn and i sed

1 mole of LiOH = 24g
x mole = 1 g
cross multiply

the # of moles = 0.042mol

The ratio between LiOH and CO2 is 2 : 1

i'm lost there

0.042 mols LiOH is correct.
You have the ratio of LiOH to CO2. Just multiply by the coefficients. Note that the way I do it cancels the mols LiOH and leaves mols CO2. In other words, it cancels the unit we don't want (mols LiOH) and leaves the unit we want (mols CO2). That is the way we convert mols LiOH to mols CO2.
0.42 mols LiOH x (1 mol CO2/2 mols LiOH) = ??. I simply used the coefficients in the balanced equation for the 1 and the 2).
Can you take it from here? You need to convert mols CO2 to g CO2.

so its

0.042*24(1*44/2*24) = 0.924 moles

1 mole = 44
0.924 mole = x
x= 40.66g

No. I don't understand where you came up with all of the numbers.
mols LiOH = g/molar mass or
1 g LiOH x (1 mol LiOH/24 g LiOH) = 0.0417 mols LiOH.

Now convert mols LiOH to mols CO2.
mols CO2 = 0.0417 x (1 mol CO2/2 mol LiOH) = 0.0417 x 1/2 = 0.0208 CO2.

Now convert mols CO2 to g CO2.
g CO2 = mols CO2 x molar mass CO2 =
0.0208 mols CO2 x (44 g CO2/1 mol CO2) =
0.917 g CO2.

Let me know if you don't understand but please be specific.

I GOT IT!!!!!!!

Just worded it different

Just said
the ratio between the LiOH and CO2 is 2 : 1

So u need 1/2 the amnt of LiOH


1/2 * 0.0417 = 0.0208 moles

and then

0.0208* 44= 0.915 g

Basically the same thing


Now for the other question

Part of the SO2 that is introduced into the atmosphere by combustion of sulfur containing compounds ends up beingh converted to sulfuric acid.

2SO2 (g) + O2 (g) ---> 2H2SO4 (aq)

How much sulfuric acid can be formed from 5 moles of SO2, 2 moles of O2 and an unlimited quantity of water?

answered above.

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9 months ago

To solve this problem, you need to use the balanced equation and the stoichiometry of the reaction. The balanced equation tells us that 2 moles of SO2 react with 1 mole of O2 to form 2 moles of H2SO4.

- 5 moles of SO2
- 2 moles of O2

First, we'll determine how much H2SO4 can be formed from the given moles of SO2 and O2.

Step 1: Convert moles of SO2 to moles of H2SO4
Since the ratio of SO2 to H2SO4 is 2:2, the moles of H2SO4 will be the same as the moles of SO2.
Therefore, 5 moles of SO2 will form 5 moles of H2SO4.

Step 2: Convert moles of O2 to moles of H2SO4
Using the ratio of 1 mole of O2 to 2 moles of H2SO4 from the balanced equation, we can calculate the moles of H2SO4.
2 moles of O2 will form (2/1) * 2 = 4 moles of H2SO4.

Step 3: Calculate total moles of H2SO4
To find the total moles of H2SO4, we need to add the moles calculated in step 1 and step 2.
Total moles of H2SO4 = 5 moles + 4 moles = 9 moles

Therefore, from the given amounts of 5 moles of SO2 and 2 moles of O2, you can form 9 moles of H2SO4.