I need the definition of frog which my teacher said is a type of clothing? Plus, I need a picture to see so I can draw it.


It is a latch on clothing, used like hooks. It consists of a ball of cord on one side, and a decorative slit or loop on the other side.



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13 years ago

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6 years ago

frog is a frog

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A frog, in the context of clothing, refers to a type of fastening or closure commonly used in traditional garments. It consists of a ball of cord on one side and a decorative slit or loop on the other side. This ball and loop design allows the frog to latch and secure the clothing, similar to how hooks work.

To further understand what a frog looks like, you can refer to the provided links. They provide visual examples and instructions on how to make or sew a frog on clothing.

Here are the links you can visit to see pictures of frogs used in clothing:

1. Tripod.com: http://members.tripod.com/~perfectpatterns/frogs.html - This website offers images and examples of different types of frogs used in clothing.

2. EZ-Fit: http://www.ez-fit.com/how_to_sew_a_chinese_frog.cfm - This resource provides detailed instructions and a visual guide on how to sew a Chinese frog, which is a specific type of frog closure.

By visiting these links, you'll be able to see pictures of frogs used in clothing and better understand their appearance. This should help you with your drawing or any further research you may need to do.

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