For the entire week 1-4, I do 4 days of Biology, 4 days of Physics and Process Information, and at the end be4 the exam on the 13th of next month, I redo the entire thing, study harder, and be prepared for the test. It's that gonna succeed or just get a tutor or somebody to help? I did pretty on most the exit exams except 4 this 1 I gotta knock out. I'm praying to the Lord that I need to make 500 on this and try to succeed and move on. How's that gonna solve it?

Of all the study skills websites out there, this one has the best collection of ideas, in my opinion.

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Choose the types of studying you need to work on and click on the appropriate links. If you already use some of these ideas, maybe this site can show you how to use them better. If you don't use these ideas, then it's time to try out a few to see which ones work best!


Here is another good study skill program, with practical lessons. It takes effort to change habits.

It's great that you have a study plan in place for your upcoming exams. Studying consistently and reviewing your materials multiple times can definitely help improve your understanding and retention of the subject matter.

However, whether this plan will lead to success depends on several factors, including your learning style, the effectiveness of your study techniques, and the difficulty of the exams. While self-study can be effective for some people, others may benefit from additional support such as a tutor or study group.

To determine if your current plan is sufficient, it's important to assess your progress as you study. Take practice tests or quizzes to gauge your understanding of the material and identify areas that need improvement. If you find that you're struggling to make progress or are consistently scoring below your target, it may be helpful to seek help from a tutor or someone who can provide additional guidance.

Remember, everyone learns differently, so feel free to explore different study resources and techniques to find what works best for you. The websites you mentioned can be a good starting point, but don't hesitate to explore other options as well.

Lastly, it's great that you have a strong sense of motivation and are putting in effort to succeed. However, it's also important to manage expectations and understand that the outcome may not solely depend on your efforts. Keep a positive mindset, work hard, and strive for your goal, but also recognize that everyone faces challenges and setbacks at times.