i need the chapter reveiw questions for the story Two Friends in english 3-4 please

Sorry -- but we don't have copies of textbooks. You can probably get the questions from a classmate.

To get the chapter review questions for the story "Two Friends" in English 3-4, you can try the following steps:

1. Check your textbook: Review the table of contents or the end of the chapter in your English textbook. Some textbooks include chapter review questions or study guides at the end of each chapter.

2. Ask your teacher: Reach out to your English teacher and ask if they can provide you with the chapter review questions for "Two Friends." They might have a handout or an online resource available for you.

3. Consult your classmates: Reach out to your classmates and ask if any of them have access to the chapter review questions for "Two Friends." They might be willing to share their notes or study materials with you.

4. Search online resources: Look for online study materials or educational websites that provide chapter review questions specifically for the story "Two Friends" in English 3-4. Some websites may offer free resources or study guides for literary works commonly taught in schools.

Remember, the availability of chapter review questions may vary depending on your school, textbook, or specific curriculum. It's always a good idea to consult your teacher or classmates for guidance to ensure you have the most accurate and relevant study materials.