Can somebody help me out here. I want to know why I am good with math problems but I don't get word problems until it is made out of a equation.

The reason is that you have learned math as procedures and facts...math as a form of thinking, or analysis, hasn't sunk into your way of thinking math yet. Practice, practice, practice, because Math is analysis...the procedures and facts just form a basis of thinking, just as grammar and spelling form the basis of writing.

oh so can you give me some word problems for pre algebra and see if the answer I give you is right.

wait im sorry 2005...?

Im a young gril that is doing home work right now can some one help me with it its kinda hard its like Tanya bakes 12 muffins.She selld 9 of them at the bake sale.How many muffins does she have now?

bru its 12 - 9 = 3

your answer is three

Of course! Word problems can be a great way to practice math skills and understand how to apply mathematical concepts. Let's start with a pre-algebra word problem:

Problem: Sarah spent 25% of her monthly allowance on books and 40% on clothes. If she had $120 left, how much was her monthly allowance?

To solve this problem, you need to convert the percentages into decimals and set up an equation. Let 'x' represent Sarah's monthly allowance. From the problem, we know that she spent 25% or 0.25 of her allowance on books and 40% or 0.40 on clothes.

The amount she spent on books is 0.25x, and the amount she spent on clothes is 0.40x. To find the remaining amount, we can subtract the total spent from her monthly allowance:

x - (0.25x + 0.40x) = $120

Simplifying the equation, we have:

x - 0.25x - 0.40x = $120
0.35x = $120

To solve for 'x', divide both sides of the equation by 0.35:

x = $120 ÷ 0.35
x ≈ $342.86

So, Sarah's monthly allowance is approximately $342.86. Try to solve more word problems to further improve your skills!