How are decimals used in everyday life? Not using money

How does one measure distance? Take a meter stick, and watch the decimals appear. I am 1.80 meters high


There used to measure the amount of gas you put in your car, the length f your hair, baseball batting averages, gymnastic scores, lap times in NASCAR, BCD(Binary Code Decimal),Sales taxes and much more.

Decimals are used in various ways in everyday life beyond just money. One common application of decimals is in units of measurement, such as measuring distance, height, weight, and temperature.

For example, when measuring distance, we often use decimal units like centimeters, meters, or kilometers. Decimals become important because they allow us to express distances more accurately rather than rounding to whole numbers.

To measure distance, you can use tools like a meter stick or a measuring tape. Let's say you want to measure your height. You align the bottom of the meter stick with the floor and stand straight against a wall. As you look at the meter stick, you will notice that it is divided into centimeters and millimeters, represented by the decimal places.

In your case, if you measure your height and find that the top of your head is at the 1.80-meter mark on the meter stick, you are indicating that you are 1.80 meters tall. The decimal part, 0.80, represents 80 centimeters. Therefore, you are 1.80 meters, or 180 centimeters, tall.

Decimals help us achieve a more precise and accurate measurement, making it easier to communicate and compare measurements in everyday life.