what are the physical properties and chemical properties of ammonium cyanate?

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It is Urea. Read here:


Urea and ammonium cyanate are isomers. In the solid state,they have differing crystaline formations, thus differing physical properties. The diffraction patterns are remarkably different. Ammonium cyanate will transform to urea with moderate heat.

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I cannot find a good summary of physical properties of ammonium cyanate online. Use This...

White crystals, almost odorless. Saline taste. density 1.35, will transform to Urea (an isomer) before melting, soluble in water, alcohol, and benzene. Slightly soluble in ether. Noncombustible.
Wohler made the famous discovery that urea and ammonium cyanate had identical compositions, but were not the same compound. Later it was discovered that they were structural isomers of the same atoms.

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