rene obsreves the body and files her report.her report is filed but not with the police. because many others will observe the body ,too. though the local police will not be called to ivestigate. why?

Is she a med student? Is the report filed with her professor? Is the body a cadaver used in training med students?


Because she IS the police?

She's the FBI?

Is the "body" the body of a book and Rene is doing a book report?

She is an astronomer. The answer is that she found a heavenly body and filed report. That is the true answer. I also came up with an answer myself: Renee didn’t call the police because she finds the body of her car which was crashed. She files a report to her insurance.

Based on the given information, it is unclear why the local police will not be called to investigate, but there are several possibilities that can be considered:

1. Rene is not a med student: If Rene is not a med student, then she does not have the authority to call the police or file a report with them. It could be that she observed the body in a private setting, such as a house or a private institution, where it is not mandatory to involve the police.

2. The report is not filed with her professor: If the report is not filed with her professor, it indicates that the body is likely not related to any medical training or academic study. In this case, the reason for not involving the police could be due to the specific circumstances surrounding the body.

3. The body is not a cadaver used in training: If the body is not a cadaver used for medical training purposes, it implies that there may be other reasons for not involving the police. It could be a situation where the body is discovered under unusual circumstances, such as a staged crime scene or an already known, non-criminal cause of death.

4. Rene is not a law enforcement officer: If Rene is not a member of the police or FBI, it would not be her responsibility to call the police or handle the investigation. This might suggest she is an observer or witness who happened to come across the body.

Without further context or details, it is difficult to determine the exact reason why the local police will not be called to investigate.

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