Only the 1, +, -, X, / , (, ), and = keys on a scientific calculator are working. How can a result of 75 be reached by pushing these keys less than 20 times?

isn't five squared twenty-five, multiplied by three...

To reach a result of 75 by only using the given keys on a scientific calculator and pushing them less than 20 times, we can use the following steps:

1. First, let's start by entering the number 5. Press: 5

2. Now, we need to square this number. Since the calculator allows multiplication but not exponentiation, we can multiply 5 by itself using the multiplication key. Press: 5 X 5

3. This gives us a result of 25. Now, we need to multiply this by 3 to reach a result of 75. Press: 25 X 3

4. The calculator should display the answer 75.

So, by following these steps, we can obtain a result of 75 by pushing the given keys on the calculator less than 20 times.