does anyone know what the critical approaches are i know that readers response is one but i don't know the others thanks

I assume you mean critical approaches to literature.

Yes, you are correct. There are several different critical approaches to literature, each focusing on different aspects and interpretations of literary works. Here are some of the main critical approaches:

1. Reader-Response Criticism: This approach emphasizes the individual reader's interpretation and response to the text. It explores how readers construct meaning and engage with the text based on their own experiences, beliefs, and values.

2. Formalism/New Criticism: This approach focuses on analyzing the literary work itself, emphasizing the form, structure, language, and literary devices used. It avoids considering external factors such as author's intent or historical context.

3. Structuralism: Structuralism analyzes literature by examining the underlying structures and systems at work within the text. It looks for patterns, recurring motifs, and underlying binary oppositions that contribute to the meaning of the work.

4. Poststructuralism/Deconstruction: This approach challenges the idea of fixed meaning in texts and explores the inherent contradictions and conflicts within literary works. It aims to destabilize conventional interpretations and highlight the complexities and uncertainties of language.

5. Feminist Criticism: Feminist criticism focuses on analyzing literature from a gender perspective, examining how gender roles, power dynamics, and social constructions of femininity and masculinity are represented in the text.

6. Marxist Criticism: This approach analyzes literature in relation to social and economic structures, emphasizing the class struggle and power dynamics within society. It examines how literature reflects and challenges social inequality and the socioeconomic conditions of the time.

7. Postcolonial Criticism: Postcolonial criticism explores the relationship between colonizers and colonized, focusing on the legacy of colonialism and the representation of marginalized voices in literature. It examines how power structures, cultural identity, and colonial/postcolonial experiences shape literary works.

These are just a few examples of critical approaches to literature. It's important to note that different scholars and critics may use a combination of these approaches or develop their own unique frameworks for analysis. To gain a deeper understanding of these approaches, you can read literary theories and criticism texts, as well as scholarly articles that apply these approaches to specific literary works.