My assignment is to fit my entire body through an index card. the hint is it involve folding. i don't get it.

You need to fold itdown the middle lengthwise, cut away an edge, and then cut some slots as shown here:
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Then expand it like an accordion.

To fit your entire body through an index card, you will need to manipulate the card using folding techniques. Here's a step-by-step explanation on how to achieve this task:

1. Start by folding the index card in half lengthwise. This will create a crease along the center of the card.
2. Using a pair of scissors, cut away one of the edges of the card. You can choose any side to cut, but make sure it is one of the longer sides of the card.
3. Now, you will create slots along the folded edge of the card. These slots will allow you to expand the card later. To do this, make several evenly spaced parallel cuts along the folded edge of the card. Make sure the cuts are vertical and extend from the folded edge towards the open edge. The example link you provided may show a visual representation of how these slots should be made.
4. Once you have made the cuts, carefully unfold the card, and it should resemble an accordion-like structure due to the slots.
5. Gently expand the card by pushing the sections apart. The slots you created earlier will allow the card to stretch as you expand it.
6. With the card expanded, it should be large enough for you to fit your body through one of the slots.

It is important to note that this task might be quite challenging, and you should take care not to injure yourself during the process. Make sure to choose an index card that is large enough to attempt this experiment safely.