the magnitude of the voltage induced in a conductor moving through a stationary magnetic field depends on the ------- and the------- of the conductor. A)lenght, speed. B)distance, circumference. C)resistance, current. D)color, capacitance.

length and are cutting lines of magnetic force, so to get the most per unit times, you need length, and fast.

length and speed

Thank-you for the answer because I do not understand electricity.I am 51 trying to get my diploma.


A circuit contains four 15-ohm resistors connected in series. What is the effective resistance of the circuit?


To find the effective resistance of resistors connected in series, you need to add up their individual resistances.

In this case, you have four 15-ohm resistors connected in series, which means the current passes through each resistor one after another.

To find the effective resistance, simply add up the resistance values:

15 ohms + 15 ohms + 15 ohms + 15 ohms = 60 ohms

Therefore, the effective resistance of the circuit is 60 ohms.

Keep in mind that when resistors are connected in series, their individual resistances add up to give the total resistance of the circuit.