What are the synonym's for diction,digression,elegy,ellipsis,and epic?

I suggest you get to know a thesaurus website such as http://thesaurus.reference.com/
Enter the word that you want synonymns for in the TOP line and click "Search". For "diction" you should get the synonyms listed below. The ones that are listed at the beginning are usually better.

delivery, elocution, eloquence, enunciation, expression, fluency, inflection, intonation, language, line, lingo, locution, oratory, parlance, phrase, phraseology, phrasing, pronunciation, rhetoric, speech, usage, verbalism, verbiage, vocabulary, wordage, wording

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what is a synonim for modify

what is a synonym for blaming?

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7 months ago

To find synonyms for the word "modify," you can follow the steps I mentioned earlier by using a thesaurus website. Once you enter the word "modify" in the search bar and click "search," you should get a list of synonyms.

As for the word "blaming," you can also use the thesaurus website to find synonyms. Enter the word "blaming" in the search bar and click "search" to get a list of synonyms.

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