(2u^3-13u^2-8u+7) divided by (u-7)

u-7 !2u^3-13u^2-8u+7

then -6u
u-7 -6u^2 -8u +7
-6u^2 +42u

then -50
u-7 -50u +7
-50u + 350
then a remainder of -343


i don't get algebra

The sum of m and n, divided by the difference of m and n

a party mix is made by combining nuts that sell for $3.50 per lb with raisins that seel for $1.50 per lb. How much of each should be used to get 32 lbs of a mix that will sell for 2.75 per lb?

i need help on algebra word problems

what is the recipolof-3

i need help




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3 years ago

tHiS iS oLd

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7 months ago

To solve algebra word problems, it's important to understand the problem and identify the variables involved. Here's a step-by-step guide to solving the problem you mentioned:

1. Let's assume the amount of nuts used in pounds as "x" and the amount of raisins used in pounds as "y". We need to find the values of x and y.

2. Create an equation based on the given information. The total weight of the mixture is 32 lbs, so we can set up the equation: x + y = 32.

3. Determine the cost equation for the mixture. Since nuts sell for $3.50 per pound and raisins sell for $1.50 per pound, the cost equation is: 3.50x + 1.50y = 2.75 * 32.

4. Simplify the cost equation: 3.50x + 1.50y = 88.

5. Now, we have a system of equations: x + y = 32 and 3.50x + 1.50y = 88.

6. Solve the system of equations. You can use substitution, elimination, or any other method you prefer to solve the system. Let's solve it using substitution:

From the first equation, we can rewrite it as x = 32 - y.

Substitute this value into the second equation: 3.50(32 - y) + 1.50y = 88.

Simplify the equation: 112 - 3.50y + 1.50y = 88.

Combine like terms: -2y = -24.

Divide both sides by -2: y = 12.

7. Now that we have the value of y, substitute it back into the first equation to find x: x + 12 = 32.

Solve for x: x = 20.

8. Therefore, to get a 32-pound mixture selling for $2.75 per pound, you should use 20 pounds of nuts and 12 pounds of raisins.

If you have any specific algebra questions or need help with any particular problem, feel free to ask!

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