hey everyone...i have to do this assignment for class and these are some really tough questions on the book Peace Like A River by Leif Enger

1)Family loyalty often prevails over "the law" Agree or disagree
(and i have to use quotes from the book that will back up my answers)

2)In Peace Like A River, the act of breathing functions as a metaphor for life itself. (and i have to see how the characters dealt with this and other ideas about this and use quotes from the book to back this up)

if you would please please please help me with this ASAP because my assignment is due tomorrow and give me some ideas or answers or page numbers where i can find the answers to these 2 questions your help would be greatly appreciated.... THANKS!

Thanks again,

Unfortunately, I have not read that book. Even so, it is YOUR assignment to answer these questions — to see how well you understand the contents of the book. Of course, you have to read the book first. Have you?

Are there any points in the book where any of the characters have to choose between rules ("laws") and family members? How did they deal with this conflict?

Deep breathing might be related to the fullness of one's life in contrast to shallow breathing. "Smelling the roses" could be an example, if something similar to that is mentioned in the book.

I know you wanted more than this, but I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

ohhh hey i appreciate your help and advice on this matter...i didn't have time to read the whole book. i only read 4 out of 23 chapters...pretty sad huh? so i really need help... i tried looking through out the book but its wayy 2 hard...man this assignment it tough.

We are here to help you, but not do the assignment for you. Since you waited until the last minute, you might skim throught the book for words like famiy, law and breathing to see what they relate to.

Your dilemma is very likely to be caused by procrastination — waiting until the "last minute" to do assignments. This article might help you in the future:


I hope this helps a little more.

I understand that you are in a tough situation and are looking for help. Here are a few suggestions to help you with your assignment:

1) Family loyalty often prevails over "the law" - To find quotes that back up your answer, you can try searching for instances in the chapters you have read where characters prioritize their family over the law. Look for moments where characters make decisions or take actions that prioritize the well-being of their family members, even if it means going against what is legally or morally right. Note down specific quotes that support your argument and explain why they show that family loyalty prevails over the law.

2) The act of breathing as a metaphor for life in Peace Like A River - Since you have only read a few chapters, focus on those chapters and see if there are any instances where the act of breathing is mentioned in a metaphorical way. Think about how the characters deal with the concept of breathing and what it symbolizes for them. Look for quotes that mention breathing or related imagery and analyze how they contribute to the idea of breathing as a metaphor for life. Explain the significance of these quotes and how they relate to the overall themes of the book.

Remember, it's important to read the book thoroughly to have a better understanding of the themes and concepts in order to answer the questions more effectively. Good luck with your assignment!