ok, this is probably a crazy question...but i just want to double check my answer.

The question is: What is the least 9 digit number there is using the numbers 1-9 only one time.



good, that makes me feel better. I was thrown by it at first,,,,kept wondering if i was interpreting it correctly.


nasaan na ang word problem? di ko makita!!!

Directions: Write a system of equations to solve the following word problem graphically and algebraically (using Gauss and using substitution).

AMC Homes, Inc. is planning to build three- and four-bedroom homes in a housing development called Chestnut Hills. Consumer demand indicates a need for three times as many four-bedroom homes as for three-bedroom homes. The net profit for each three bedroom home is $16,000 and from each four-bedroom home, $17,000. If AMC Homes must net a total profit of $13.2 million from this development, how many homes of each type should they build?

By stretching the intent of "9 digirs", using the 9 digits 1 - 9, how about 1/23456789

Stetching the meaning of 9 digit number, why not 1/23456789.

yeah, that would be 123456789. oh, well, that really didn't help you, you already got your answer.

To find the least 9-digit number using the numbers 1-9 only once, you can simply arrange the numbers in ascending order. The correct answer is indeed 123456789.

Now, let's address your second question about solving a word problem. The problem involves determining the number of three-bedroom and four-bedroom homes to be built based on consumer demand and profit requirements.

To solve this problem algebraically, you can set up a system of equations. Let's say x represents the number of three-bedroom homes and y represents the number of four-bedroom homes.

According to the problem, consumer demand indicates a need for three times as many four-bedroom homes as three-bedroom homes. This can be represented as:
y = 3x

The net profit for each three-bedroom home is $16,000 and for each four-bedroom home, it is $17,000. The total profit required from the development is $13.2 million, which is equal to $13,200,000. This can be represented as:
16,000x + 17,000y = 13,200,000

To solve this system of equations using Gauss elimination, you can write the augmented matrix and perform row operations to eliminate variables. Alternatively, you can use substitution by solving one equation for one variable and substituting it into the other equation.

I hope this explanation helps you understand how to approach word problems and solve them algebraically. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask!