hello. i really need to find out who owns the universal studios company.. like the fim-making company, not the theme park. and i also need to know when universal studios opened up in florida.. thank you soooooo soooo much if u could plz answer withing the hour that would be the biggest help EVER!!! thank you so much,


Universal Studios is owned by Vivendi Universal Entertainment, which also owns the SCI FI Channel. ...


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To find out who owns the Universal Studios film-making company, you can start by conducting a quick search on a search engine like Google. Use specific keywords such as "Universal Studios ownership" or "Who owns Universal Studios." This will give you relevant results that provide information about the ownership of Universal Studios.

In this case, the search results show that Universal Studios is owned by Vivendi Universal Entertainment. You can confirm this information by visiting credible sources such as news websites, company profiles, or official Universal Studios websites.

For example, one source mentioned in the search results is the SCI FI Channel, which states that Universal Studios is owned by Vivendi Universal Entertainment. Another source is a company profile on iWon.com that also confirms Vivendi Universal Entertainment as the owner of Universal Studios.

To find out when Universal Studios opened up in Florida, you can conduct a similar search using specific keywords like "Universal Studios opening date in Florida" or "When did Universal Studios Florida open." This will provide you with relevant results that give you the opening date of Universal Studios in Florida.

Make sure to visit trustworthy sources, such as official Universal Studios websites, historical archives, or news articles, to verify the information. As a general recommendation, it's best to consult multiple sources to ensure accurate and reliable information.

Remember, always fact-check information from multiple sources to ensure accuracy and reliability.