here is my problem. The tax rate in a certain state is 5% Find the total price payed for shoes that cost 52 dollars

Total price = cost + salestax
=52 + 52*.05


To find the total price paid for the shoes, we need to calculate the sales tax and add it to the cost. The sales tax rate is given as 5%, which means 5% of the cost is added as tax.

First, calculate the sales tax amount by multiplying the cost of the shoes by the tax rate (in decimal form):
Sales tax = 52 * 0.05
= 2.60

Next, add the sales tax to the cost of the shoes to find the total price paid:
Total price = Cost + Sales tax
= 52 + 2.60
= 54.60

Therefore, the total price paid for shoes that cost $52 with a 5% tax rate is $54.60.