Who is the antagonist in the book, Death Be Not Proud? Also, what type of conflict is it and what is the climax of the story? Is the climax when Johnny starts having a stiff neck and they discover he has a tumor in his brain? And what is the dialect of the book?

I already had some hrlp with this question but id didn't seem to work

Did you read Themes and Motifs in Sparknotes? If Johnny is the "hero", what is he fighting in his own way?

Regarding "dialect". Where does the story take place? How do the people there speak?

I read the Themes and motifs and it ansered some of my questions regarding the theme and the antagonist. Johnny is fighting his illness, but i don't know whether the conflict is man vs. man or man vs. himself or any other one. The story is taking place in New YOrk, connecticut, and massachusetts, so i think they speak standard american english. However, i still don't know what the climax is.

LOL... standard American English with a Yankee accent. <G> You know. That "Hahvaad Yaaad" bit.

The climax is Johnny dies. That is the end of the conflict. The climax of any story comes when there can be no other result. Now you have to decide did Johnny win because he died without giving up hope and dignity, or did death win?

In the book "Death Be Not Proud" by John Gunther, the antagonist is not a specific character but rather the disease itself - brain tumor - that afflicts the protagonist, Johnny Gunther. It's important to note that the antagonist doesn't always have to be a character; it can be a force or obstacle that the main character must overcome.

The type of conflict in the story can be classified as both internal and external conflict. The internal conflict is Johnny's personal struggle to come to terms with his illness, while the external conflict arises from his fight against the tumor and the impact it has on his relationships and daily life.

The climax of the story is indeed when Johnny starts experiencing a stiff neck and the doctors discover the tumor in his brain. The climax represents the highest point of tension and interest in the story, where the conflict reaches a crucial turning point.

Regarding the dialect of the book, "Death Be Not Proud" is primarily written in standard English. Although the book may include occasional dialogue or phrases that reflect the characters' regional or personal speech patterns, it doesn't specifically employ a distinct dialect.

In order to find this information, you can read the book or refer to reputable sources such as literary analyses, book reviews, or summaries that can provide insights into the plot, characters, conflicts, and themes.