Who is the antagonist in the book, Death Be Not Proud? Also, what type of conflict is it and what is the climax of the story? Is the climax when Johnny starts having a stiff neck and they discover he has a tumor in his brain?

Also, what is the dialect of the stroy?

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Thank you so much but these sites still don't help answer my questions.

The book "Death Be Not Proud" by John Gunther is a memoir rather than a work of fiction, so it may not adhere to traditional literary terms such as "antagonist" or "climax" in the same way a fictional story does. However, the book does explore the conflict of a person facing a life-threatening illness, and it analyzes the efforts of the central character, Johnny Gunther, and his family to confront the challenges they face.

In terms of conflict, the primary struggle is Johnny's battle with a brain tumor. This conflict is both internal as he copes with the physical and emotional toll of his illness, and external as his family supports him and searches for a cure. The main focus of the book is not on the presence of an antagonist but rather on Johnny's journey and the experiences of those around him.

Regarding the climax, it is subjective and can be interpreted differently by readers. One possible interpretation is that the climax occurs when Johnny's condition worsens and he experiences a stiff neck, leading to the discovery of the tumor in his brain. This event marks a turning point in the story and heightens the tension and urgency of his battle.

It's important to note that different readers may have different interpretations of the climax, as the memoir primarily focuses on the personal experiences and emotions of the author and his family rather than adhering to a traditional narrative structure with a clear antagonist and climax.