2y squared + 2 = 9y

The formula can be written:

2y^2 + 2 = 9y

2y^2 - 9y + 2 = 0

You would have to factor this formula to find the two possible answers. However, I cannot factor it. To get the +2 one factor must contain a 2 and the other a 1. To get a negative center y term and a positive number, they both need to be negative. The y terms in the factors need to be 2y and y to get the 2y^2.

If the 9y were 4y, it would factor into:

(2y - 2)(y - 1) = 0

Then y = 1 for both factors.

If it was 5y instead of 9y, it would factor into:

(2y - 1)(y - 2) = 0

Then y = 2 or 1/2.

Do you have a typo?

I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.