The Ling family is building a deck on their house. It will run the length of their house and have a perimeter of 108 feet. Their house is 42 feet long. How WIDE will the deck be?

all u do is 42x2 which is 84. then u subtract 84 from 108 and divide it by 2. the width is 12.

To find the width of the deck, we need to subtract the length of the house from the total perimeter of the deck.

Perimeter of the deck = 108 feet
Length of the house = 42 feet

To find the width:
1. Calculate the length of the deck, which will be the same as the length of the house:
Length of the deck = Length of the house = 42 feet

2. Subtract the calculated length from the total perimeter to find the combined width of both sides of the deck:
Combined width = Perimeter of the deck - Length of the deck

Combined width = 108 feet - 42 feet
Combined width = 66 feet

3. Finally, divide the combined width by 2 to find the width of only one side of the deck:
Width of one side = Combined width / 2

Width of one side = 66 feet / 2
Width of one side = 33 feet

Therefore, the deck will be 33 feet wide.