I Don't understand any of this and its due tommorow and i don't get it, can you please help me.

1. 2/3 of a number m

2. The fifth power of 3 times a number y

3. The quotient of twice a nimber t and 12

4. Twice the difference of 8 and a number b.

so..so u have to write out the symbols for them or actually attempt to solve them?

In other words, you need to give some instructions about what you are to do with the problems.

It says translate the verbal phrase into an expression.

1. 2/3 x m
2. 3to the 5th power x y
3. t+12
4. 8-bx2

Did i do them right?

1. correct or you could write (2/3)m or (2/3)*m

2. correct or you could write 35*y or 35y.
3. quotient means divide. You have added. It also says twice the number t; therefore, I would write 2t/12; then I would reducd it to t/6.
4. I think it would be better to write (8-b)*2. The way you have it written the 8 is not multiplied by 2. That is why I added parentheses.
Check my thinking.

number 3 looks like it should be t x 2/12 (t times 2 divided by 12)...i think so

Thanks for the help =D

I agree the problem is not stated very well; however, 2t/12 is the same thing as tx2/12 and that still reduces to t/6 so we both interpreted the problem the same way and arrived at the same answer.

3rd to the fifth power

Of course, I'm here to help! Let's break down each expression and explain how to calculate them.

1. "2/3 of a number m" means you will be calculating two-thirds (2/3) of a given number, m. To find this, simply multiply the number, m, by two-thirds.

2. "The fifth power of 3 times a number y" involves finding the fifth power of the product obtained by multiplying 3 and a number, y. First, multiply 3 and y. Then, raise the result to the power of 5. This can be done by multiplying the product obtained in the previous step by itself repeatedly until you do so five times.

3. "The quotient of twice a number t and 12" requires finding the quotient (result of division) of twice a given number, t, and 12. To do this, multiply the number, t, by two, and then divide the product by 12.

4. "Twice the difference of 8 and a number b" entails finding the difference between 8 and a given number, b, and then multiplying that difference by two. To do this, subtract b from 8 and multiply the result by two.

Remember, these are general explanations for finding the value of each expression. If you have specific values for m, y, t, or b, make sure to substitute them into the corresponding expressions to obtain the final answer.