Does the name Alaiyo fit Beneatha because neccessary things are not enough for her- she always wants more.

Yes, the reason agasis(i 4got his name cause i read this book last year) gives Betheatha that nickname Alaiyo, is because it means for one whom bread is not enough.... because in life she wants more than what was offered or regular for african americans in that time period. She always strives for more..... so yes in my opinion the nickname Alaiyo is a name that fits Beneatha

Thank you very much!=)

no problem......

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Determining whether the name "Alaiyo" fits Beneatha requires understanding her character traits and personality in the context of the question. To answer this, we need to analyze the meaning of the name "Alaiyo" and observe if it aligns with Beneatha's desires for more in life.

1. Research the meaning of the name: "Alaiyo" may have different meanings depending on its origin. It would be helpful to consult baby name websites, language dictionaries, or cultural resources to find the most accurate interpretation.

2. Examine Beneatha's character: Beneatha, a character from Lorraine Hansberry's play "A Raisin in the Sun," is known for her ambitious nature and desire to overcome societal limitations. She constantly seeks more knowledge, experiences, and opportunities beyond what is considered necessary. Consider Beneatha's dialogues, actions, and aspirations throughout the play to gain a deeper understanding of her personality.

3. Compare the name meaning to Beneatha's traits: Once you have the meaning of the name "Alaiyo," compare it to Beneatha's traits and desires. Look for similarities between her character traits and the name's meaning—specifically focusing on her aspiration for more in life.

By following these steps, you can analyze both the meaning of the name "Alaiyo" and Beneatha's character traits to determine if the name aligns with her desires.