Name the property shown by each statment. 9+(5+35)=(9+5)+35

i am PRETTY sure that it's associative property...if ur not sure, u can google "commutative and associative property" but it looks like associative to me, changing the order of the additions...


The property shown by the given statement is the associative property of addition.

To understand this property, let's break down the equation:

On the left side, we have 9 added to the sum of 5 and 35, which is written as 9+(5+35).
On the right side, we have the sum of 9 and 5, added to 35, which is written as (9+5)+35.

According to the associative property of addition, when we have a series of three or more numbers being added together, it doesn't matter how we group these numbers. The sum will remain the same.

In this case, the property is demonstrated by the fact that no matter whether we first add 5 and 35, or add 9 and 5, the final sum remains unchanged. The sum of all the numbers is equal on both sides of the equation.

Therefore, the property shown here is the associative property of addition.

It is the associative property Eliza!