What time of the year is barley bucked, horseshoes played, and there are migrant workers? (this was in the 1930s) I am looking for the TIME OF YEAR, like the season. I was thinking fall.

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. I thought by telling you that that you could figure it out! Bucking barley means harvesting barley and that is done in the spring.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!

what is bucking barley

To determine the time of year when barley is typically harvested, horseshoes are played, and migrant workers are present, we'll break it down step by step.

1. Barley Harvest: Barley harvesting usually takes place in the late summer or early fall, depending on the specific region and climate. This is when the barley crop becomes mature and is ready to be harvested.

2. Horseshoes: Horseshoe pitching is a popular outdoor game that is often played during warm weather. It is commonly associated with leisure and outdoor activities during the summer months.

3. Migrant Workers: In the context of the 1930s, migrant workers were commonly employed in agricultural areas to assist with harvesting and other seasonal tasks. These workers typically followed the crop cycles and moved from region to region as the crops required their labor.

Based on this information, it is most likely that the time of year you are looking for is late summer or early fall, aligning with the barley harvest and the presence of migrant workers. While horseshoes can be played throughout the year, it is a popular leisure activity during the summer months, further supporting the likelihood of this timeframe.