In Of Mice and Men, what evidence suggests that Lennie mightbehave violently?

All I have is that he accidently kills the mice when they bite him when he pets them. I don't think that is enough evidence. Please help. Thanks.
(FYI- I've already looked at sparknotes and pink monkey)

Consider: At the beginning of the story, they were leaving an old job and going to a new one. Why were they always having to leave good jobs and find new ones???


Did you really study the "Characters" in those 2 sites? Lennie, note the last name "Small" is so ironic because he is huge, although large is mentally limited. He has no idea how strong he is. Note he accidentally kills Curley's wife, and mauls the mice, pup. He is totally unable to control or judge his own strength; possibly he is autistic.

To gather additional evidence that suggests Lennie might behave violently in Of Mice and Men, you can look beyond SparkNotes and Pink Monkey for a deeper understanding of the character. Here are a few suggestions on where you can find more evidence:

1. Read the entire novel: While summaries and study guides can be helpful, reading the entire novel will give you a comprehensive understanding of Lennie's character and his behaviors. Pay close attention to the way Lennie interacts with others and his physical strength.

2. Analyze Lennie's interactions with animals: Besides accidentally killing mice, examine Lennie's actions towards other animals in the novel, such as the puppy and the rabbits. Look for patterns or signs of violence in how he handles them or responds to their behaviors.

3. Study Lennie's emotional instability: Lennie experiences surges of anger and frustration when things go wrong or when he feels threatened. Look for instances where Lennie's emotional state escalates and observe how he reacts in potentially violent ways, even if the violence is unintended.

4. Observe Lennie's physical strength: Lennie is described as immensely strong, and this strength can be a potential source of violence. Take note of any instances where Lennie's physical power is highlighted or where he uses that strength in ways that may be seen as violent.

5. Consider Lennie's past history: Pay attention to the conversations between Lennie and other characters that reveal his past. Explore if there are any instances where he may have shown violent behavior in the past or had encounters that imply the potential for violence.

Remember, a thorough analysis of Lennie's character traits, actions, and interactions throughout the novel will help you gather more evidence to support the idea that he might behave violently.