What is a concrete-noun?

Nouns fall into two types -- concrete and abstract:

If the noun represents a person, place, or thing (something you can see or touch or smell or ???), it's considered a concrete noun.

If the noun represents an idea (something you cannot see or touch or smell or ???), it's considered an abstract noun.


something you can see touch smell or taste? or hear?

Yes, you're correct! A concrete noun refers to something that can be perceived by the senses, including seeing, touching, smelling, tasting, or hearing. Concrete nouns can include objects like "dog," "book," "car," or "flower," which can be seen or touched. They can also include things like "coffee," "perfume," or "pizza," which can be smelled or tasted. Furthermore, concrete nouns can involve sounds, such as "music," "bell," or "birdsong," which can be heard. So, concrete nouns encompass anything that is tangible or perceptible through the senses.