what is the theme of John Grisham's "the rainmaker"???

Perhaps this: "making one's own good fortune" ???

Or this: "taking advantage of others' misfortunes" ???

What do you think? Have you read the book?


To determine the theme of John Grisham's novel "The Rainmaker," we should start by familiarizing ourselves with the key elements of the story. Afterward, we can analyze the recurring ideas or messages that emerge throughout the book to identify the overarching theme.

"The Rainmaker" is a legal thriller that follows the story of a young lawyer named Rudy Baylor, who takes on a powerful insurance company accused of denying a leukemia patient's insurance claim. As Rudy fights for justice against corporate greed, he faces various obstacles, ethical dilemmas, and personal growth.

To identify the theme, we can pay attention to the ideas, values, and lessons that the author brings to light. In "The Rainmaker," certain recurring themes include:

1. Justice: The novel explores the concept of justice and the challenges faced when standing up against powerful entities. It delves into the efforts to attain justice and the importance of fighting for what is right.

2. Idealism vs. Reality: The clash between Rudy's idealistic beliefs about the legal system and the harsh realities he encounters is a significant theme. It highlights the complexities of the legal profession and the difficulties faced when navigating a flawed system.

3. Corporate Power: Grisham portrays the theme of corporate influence and the abuses it can entail. He addresses the unequal power dynamics and the struggle of individuals seeking justice against large, exploitative corporations.

4. Personal Growth and Integrity: Rudy's journey involves personal growth and the development of his ethical principles. The theme emphasizes the importance of maintaining integrity in the face of adversity.

By examining these recurring themes and analyzing their presence and significance in the narrative, we can determine that the overarching theme of "The Rainmaker" could revolve around justice, the challenges of idealism versus reality, corporate power, and personal growth and integrity in the legal profession.