How does George show he protects Lennie when they meet the boss?

My Answer- George answers all of the boss' questions himself to prevent the boss from finding out that Lennie was crazy and not smart and then not giving them jobs. Also, George tells the boss what a good strong worker Lennie is. Also, George lies for Lennie and says Lennie's his cousin and that's why he's going through so much trouble for him.

This one you have reasoned out very well.

How about this:

George responds for Lennie to make the boss see Lennie work before he hears him talk, which could be a mistake that would cost them their jobs. George lies for Lennie by saying that they are cousins so that the boss doesn't suspect Lennie of disability? Also George says Lennie's mental deficiency was caused by an accident when he was younger rather than something Lennie was birn with.

In The Call of the Wild, why did Buck end up in the Yukon Territory? (1 point)

He was eager to join the hunt for gold.
Judge Miller sold him to a pair of French Canadian mail carriers.
He was kidnapped by a gardener and sold to cover gambling debts.

George shows he protects Lennie when they meet the boss in a few ways. First, George takes charge of the conversation by answering all of the boss' questions himself. He does this to prevent the boss from realizing that Lennie is not very intelligent and may have some behavioral issues. By providing all the answers, George ensures that the boss does not become suspicious of Lennie's capabilities and potentially deny them jobs.

Moreover, George also emphasizes Lennie's strengths as a worker. He speaks highly of Lennie's physical strength and work ethic, painting a positive image of Lennie to the boss. By highlighting Lennie's positive attributes, George not only shields Lennie from potential judgment but also increases their chances of getting hired.

Additionally, George goes a step further and fabricates a story, claiming that Lennie is his cousin. He explains that he is responsible for taking care of Lennie because of their family connection. This lie allows George to justify his protective nature and the lengths he is willing to go to support and advocate for Lennie.

In summary, George protects Lennie during their meeting with the boss by taking control of the conversation, emphasizing Lennie's strengths, and creating a backstory that justifies his caregiving role. These actions help ensure that Lennie is perceived in a positive light, increasing their chances of securing employment.